Everyone is invited to help shape this movement.

If you are interested in hosting a connection experience, the following information is available on this page.

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want to Host a connection experience?

We will be stronger if you join in, so please consider being a member of the host committee. As a host, you commit to spreading the word about the 10 Days of Connection, and attending and/or hosting a connection experience.


Registration Guidelines

When you register as a host, you will submit a summary of the event you’ll be hosting, summarizing who your event will connect, what will be happening at the event, and why you’re doing it. We have a ton of event ideas and resources below to make it easy for you.

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ideas to help you brainstorm

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. Remember, these are solely examples and should not limit your creativity or willingness to connect with others.

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Click on the buttons below as you get ready for your connection experience. These resources provide valuable tips on inclusiveness, accessibility, marketing, and much more. Go ahead and make them your own to shape your experience for all locals in our region.

Need HElP?

Email us at hello@10daysofconnection.org or schedule a call with someone from our team at 10daysofconnection.youcanbook.me.