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You Can Sit With Us

  • Soul Tavern 1801 West Avenue Miami Beach, FL, 33139 United States (map)
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In the last few years, the political discourse and climate has become so polarized that it seems we have stopped seeing one another. Conversations and relationships have shut down. We seek to open the channels of connection again - through opening our hearts and connecting through the simple human experiences that bond us.

Las Comadres is hosting an evening of true connection among people with differing political viewpoints. At a time when people seem more polarized and set in their views, we will host guided conversations based on our common ground: from childhood stories to relationships and traveling. We will boldly see the humanity in one another again with kindness, respect, and curiosity.

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Accessibility information: All hosts seek to make this event as accessible as possible to individuals of all different abilities and needs and will provide the following accommodations: we can provide accessible parking, accessibility for anyone with mobility issues, host at the door, and signs that list the ingredients of food and beverages.

Upon request, we can provide moveable seating for people with disabilities, nursing rooms, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, accessible documents for people with visual impairments, a PDF with relevant content prior to the event, and a service animal friendly environment. For questions or in need of additional accommodations, please send an email to gaby@gabyguzman.comat least 24 hours in advance of the event.