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Climate change: how does it impact me and how can I be a part of the solution?

  • West Kendall Regional Library 10201 Hammocks Boulevard #159 Miami, FL, 33196 United States (map)
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This event is open to everyone willing to talk about climate change. In South Florida, climate change impacts all of us, but not equally. Unfortunately, our vulnerable neighborhoods are more at risk. This event offers an opportunity for participants to learn why it’s so important to curb climate change impacts, not only to protect our beautiful state, but to safeguard ourselves and our most vulnerable communities. If we work together, we can bridge the gap and ensure that our state is future-ready! We invite everyone to join us: parents, teachers, teenagers, the elderly, elected officials, and anyone else that wants to learn how they can make a difference. In collaboration with the West Kendall Regional Library, at the YOUmake Miami space, CLEO will host a 1-hour workshop on climate change and solutions, demonstrating to participants that if we make small changes we can have a big impact; demonstrating that all of our actions matter as we are all interconnected.

To register for this connection experience, click here (only 35 slots open, so register quickly!)


Accessibility information: All hosts seek to make this event as accessible as possible to individuals of all different abilities and needs and will provide the following accommodations: accessible parking, accessibility for anyone with mobility issues, a PDF with relevant content prior to the event, and a service animal friendly environment.

Upon request, we can provide: hosts at the door to assist attendees that require special services, accessible documents for people with visual impairments, and moveable seating for people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, nursing rooms and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will not be available at the event (but if you’d like to volunteer, reach out!). For questions or in need of additional accommodations, please send an email to Olivia@CleoInstitute.orgat least 24 hours in advance of the event.